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Understanding Cisco Industrial IoT Networking Foundation (INFND) - Lab Topology


Lab Topology

  • Connect to the Cisco IIoT Devices
  • Use Industrial Protocols with Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Configure an 802.11 Client
  • Configure an IPv6 Address
  • Configure Layer 2 Network Address Translation (NAT) and IP Addressing in an Example IoT Deployment
  • Configure and Verify Mapping of Address and Port Using Translation (MAP-T)
  • Implement VLANs
  • Configure IP Addressing, Layer 2 NAT, and Virtual LANs (VLANs)
  • Use Network Administration Applications
  • Configure Access Point and Wireless Network Using Wireless LAN Controller (WLC)
  • Configure Wireless Networking
  • Configure a WAN Interface on IR829B
  • Configure an Long- Term Evolution LTE Connection
  • Configure Raw Socket TCP Tunnel
  • Configure Distributed Network Protocol 3 (DNP3) to DNP3/IP Translation
  • Configure and Verify QoS for IIoT Networks
  • Configure and Verify MPLS for IIoT
  • Configure and Verify Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) VPNs
  • Configure and Verify Layer Two Tunneling Protocol v3 (L2TPv3) VPNs
  • Configure and Explain VPN Technology and IIoT
  • Configure Dynamic Multipoint VPNs (DMVPNs)
  • Configure FlexVPN
  • Verify Connectivity for IIoT Devices over MPLS VPN Backbone
  • Configure Layer 2 Redundancy
  • Configure Layer 3 Redundancy
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