CVP Development and Scripting Part 1 (CVPDS-1) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Overview of a UCCE with CVP Comprehensive Call Flow.

Module 2: ICM routing scripts to route calls to CVP VXML Server applications

  • passing data (eg, global variables)
  • parsing and evaluating data returned
  • queueing
  • assigning data to send to Finesse

Module 3: Writing Call Studio scripts (applications) that include:

  • Prompting Callers - using pre-recorded audio; TTS text-to-speech; Say it Smart to format audio as digits, date, time, currency; input error reprompting
  • Menus
  • Collecting and confirming caller input, such as account numbers, dates of birth, etc
  • Working with variables - Session data, Element data, Call data, Local data (CVP11)
  • Introduction to retrieving data from back end systems:
    • SQL Database interaction - using the Studio Database element to select data
    • Web service interaction- Studio Web Services element for SOAP-web services and calling a simple REST web service
    • Playing audio to callers during back-end data retrieval
  • Catch events
  • Working with counters, decisions, math
  • Introduction to javascript for substrings and string length
  • Setting VoiceXML properties affecting the gateway
  • Multi-Language applications

Module 4: Working with Subversion Version Control

Module 5: Implementing a Post Call Survey

Module 6: Application to take recordings and FTP them to the media server

Module 7: Using the Studio Debugger to test applications within Studio

Module 8: CVP Reporting Server:

  • Best practices regarding naming elements and variables
  • Configuring data to pass to the Reporting Server using OAMP
  • Understanding Reporting Server tables
  • Understanding the Application Summary CUIC reports

Module 9: Administration is covered throughout the course:

  • OAMP Operations Console to deploy applications to VXML Server
  • Using Studio Documenter to print Visio-like diagrams of the application
  • Configuring log file properties
  • Using logs for debugging applications
  • Administrative scripts for graceful updates or suspensions of the server
  • Important log, debug, administration files

Module 10: Cisco Courtesy Callback - Detailed discussion of the CCB Call flow, the ICM script, and the 5 Studio scripts used for Courtesy Callback.