Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Amazon Web Services (INTHCDF)

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Data Fabric Overview

  • Data Fabric solution vision and value
  • Compute and storage in the hybrid cloud
  • Data fabric deployment
  • NetApp Private Storage (NPS)
  • Data Fabric use cases

Module 2: Networking for the Hybrid Cloud

  • NPS networking architecture
  • Best practices to implement networking
  • Switch configurations for Layer 3 environment

Module3: AWS Virtual Private Cloud and Connectivity

  • AWS regions and availability zones
  • VPC
  • Security groups
  • AWS storage
  • VPN connectivity options

Module 4: Azure Virtual Network and Connectivity

  • Azure geographies and regions
  • VNet
  • Azure storage types
  • AWS features vs Azure features

Module 5: Design and Implement Data Fabric Solutions

  • Oncommand Cloud Manager
  • ONTAP Cloud Software
  • Use cases and references
  • AltaVault cloud backup and archive
  • AltaVault integration with Amazon Snowball
  • Data Fabric solution for cloud backup
  • AltaVault security
  • Cloud agility
  • ONTAP Select software
  • Advantages
  • vNAS for VMware vSAN
  • ONTAP Select deployment
  • NetApp Hybrid Cloud Labs
  • Managing the Data Fabric
  • OnCommand Management portfolio
  • Addendum: Operationalize NPS
    • How to operationalize NPS for cloud
    • Data layout
    • Latency

Module 6: NetApp Cloud Sync Service

  • Overview
  • Benefits

Module 7: Data Fabric Solution for Cloud Backup

  • Overview
  • Architecture
  • Features
  • StorageGRID Webscale software
  • Deployment options
  • SnapCenter Software


  • Minilabs for AWS and Azure
  • Prepare jump host for PowerShell and CLI
  • Configure AWS VPC resources
  • Operationalize on-premises to cloud connectivity
  • Configure Azure VNet to on-premises VPN connectivity
  • Use Cloud Manager to deploy ONTAP Cloud
  • Manage the Data Fabric workflow
  • Configure AltaVault
  • Test AltaVault cloud agility
  • Reinforce skills with Cloud Sync service