Detecting Cyber Attacks with Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)


Who should attend

The workshop is designed for:

  • Administrators and network planners
  • System and network administrator
  • IT and system managers and
  • IT Security Officer


Students for this course should meet the following requirements:

  • Knowledge and skills in the configuration and administration of Windows operating systems
  • Knowledge in the configuration of directory services
  • Basic knowledge of LANs / local area networks and
  • Basic skills in dealing with TCP/IP

Course Objectives

In the course of this 2-day workshop, the necessary knowledge for the successful planning, deployment, configuration and administration of Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) as an "Intrusion Detection System (IDS)" is imparted. Practical exercises will also be used to simulate the (early) detection of possible cyberattacks through the use of appropriate attack tools, so that the participants can also use the product in a targeted manner after the workshop - and thus increase the protection for the computer systems and data used in the computer networks accordingly.

Course Content

  • Module 01 - Introduction and Basics
  • Module 02 - Introduction to Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
  • Module 03 - Provision of ATA
  • Module 04 - Attack detection using ATA in practice
  • Module 05 - Report Generation and Delivery
  • Module 06 - Maintenance and troubleshooting around ATA

Prices & Delivery methods

Online Training
Modality: L

Duration 2 days

  • on request
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 2 days

  • on request

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.