Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES)


Course Overview

The EC-Council Certified Encryption Specialist (ECES) program introduces professionals and students to the field of cryptography. The participants will learn the foundations of modern symmetric and key cryptography including the details of algorithms such as Feistel Networks, DES, and AES. Other topics introduced:

  • Overview of other algorithms such as Blowfish, Twofish, and Skipjack
  • Hashing algorithms including MD5, MD6, SHA, Gost, RIPMD 256 and others.
  • Asymmetric cryptography including thorough descriptions of RSA, Elgamal, Elliptic Curve, and DSA.
  • Significant concepts such as diffusion, confusion, and Kerkchoff’s principle.

Who should attend

  • Penetration Testers and Computer Forensics Specialists
  • Cloud Security architects, designers, and developers
  • Anyone involved in selecting and implementing VPNs or digital certificates, Information Security Operations
  • Anyone involved in developing Operating Systems, Cryptography Systems, Blockchain based solutions, etc.


No prior knowledge of cryptography is assumed, and no mathematical skills beyond basic algebra are required.

Course Objectives

What will you Learn?

  • Types of encryption standards and their differences
  • Types of encryption standards and their differences
  • How to enhance your pen-testing knowledge in encryption?
  • Correct and incorrect deployment of encryption technologies
  • Common mistakes made in implementing encryption technologies
  • Best practices when implementing encryption technologies
Online training
Modality: L

Süre 3 Gün

Classroom training
Modality: C

Süre 3 Gün

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