ITIL® Continual Service Improvement (ITILCSI)


Who should attend

The course is ideally suited for:

CIOs, CTOs, Managers, Team Leaders, IT Consultants, Designers, Architects, Planners, IT Security Managers, Service Test Managers and individuals involved in the management, coordination, and integration of operational activities within the Service Lifecycle.


!IT-ITILF Certificate

Course Objectives

  • Understanding Service Management as a Practice and Continual Service Improvement Principles, Purpose and Objectives
  • Understanding how all Continual Service Improvement processes interact with other Service Lifecycle processes
  • The sub processes, activities, methods and functions used in each of the Continual Service Improvement processes
  • The Roles and responsibilities within Continual Service Improvement and the activities and functions to achieve operational excellence
  • How to measure Continual Service Improvement performance
  • Understanding technology and implementation requirements
  • The challenges, critical success factors and risks

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Course Content

This three day course immerses learners in the overall concepts, processes, policies and methods associated with the Continual Service Improvement (CSI) phase of the Service Lifecycle. The course covers the management and control of the activities and techniques within the Continual Service Improvement stage. Including how to leverage the Continual Service Improvement Approach, key activities of the Seven-Step Improvement Process, and how to identify critical success factors, risks and challenges.

Classroom training
Modality: G

Süre 3 Gün

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