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Training specialist embarks on course of expansion

Fast Lane acquires Synerity Systems

18. September, 2009 – The IT training and consulting firm Fast Lane has concluded an acquisition deal with Synerity. Synerity was established in 2005 and concentrates on providing high-quality IT consulting and training in the international market. Its focal points are in the fields of networks, IT security and IT forensics. The company will continue to operate from its headquarters in Düsseldorf and all of its employees and training staff will retain their positions. Fast Lane is integrating the full range of training and consulting services procured through the acquisition with the aim of marketing them worldwide.

Fast Lane’s portfolio will be expanded to include courses such as special ‘hacking training’ sessions which shed light on the current techniques and tools employed by saboteurs and cybercriminals. Participants are made aware of areas in which potential security deficiencies can exist and suitable, effective countermeasures are explained. This aspect of the training focuses on WLAN, VoIP, web applications and malware. An additional element deals with ‘IT forensics’ and provides participants with the knowledge they need in order to act appropriately in the event of computer misuse or security-related incidents. Another area consisting of special courses concentrates on package analysis with ‘Wireshark’ and the analysis of Windows networks. The programme is also complemented by a number of training sessions that look into the Domain Name System (DNS) and the use of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) as a safeguard measure. In the field of consulting the internationally experienced engineers from Synerity will add strength to the Fast Lane team and also in the development of projects such as network analysis, troubleshooting, holistic IT security checks and implementing security policies.

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