AI Training for Technology Managers

Operate a powerful AI and machine learning to empower your organization

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most ambitious technological marvels of our time.

It is changing the way we live and approach basic tasks. Currently, AI is transforming businesses from the ground up across all major and minor industries.

Artificial Intelligence is a useful business growth tool that can support various business processes, analyze big data with ease, transform raw data into actionable insight, and keep a userbase engaged.

Fast Lane has worked together with Microsoft to create a school to pass on professional knowledge to technology managers. AI Business School educates technology managers on proper AI and machine learning deployment to improve their respective areas of expertise.

Microsoft has established AI Business School for technology managers to teach them how to improve their day-to-day activities, enable data-driven management, manage and maintain more the technological systems which they govern in a more secure way.

The AI Business School will improve your systems’ performance and processes substantially. The course is kept up-to-date with all current AI trends to aid you in discovering the real value of AI for your role as a technology manager.

Our Offer

Microsoft AI Business School is a compilation of unique courses that address multiple different areas and AI technologies to get a deep understanding of the subject. The school promotes data-driven culture, creates responsible AI users, and offers a first-class look at state-of-the-art AI tech.

This track has been developed for technology managers who want to make use of cutting-edge AI tech and machine learning to improve their managerial roles, delegate mundane tasks to error-averse machines, upgrade technological systems across their organization to boost performance, stability, and security.

Fast Lane has made it our mission to elevate the AI Business School to the next step to aid technology managers in the pursuit of practical and concrete AI and machine learning knowledge. Top AI industry leaders will let you in on their secrets to building and executing successful AI plans.

Instructor-led Courses / Workshops

To bring you the Microsoft AI Business School that you deserve, Fast Lane has invested significant resources into compiling and developing unique workshops to support technology managers across the biggest world industries from healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing to education, and even government. These courses have a small public schedule. But we also deliver them privately. The courses are highly customizable and we can adjust them to your specific needs.

Request access today and join our unique AI workshops. Don’t miss out – the business world won’t wait. Adapt, evolve, and grow your business. Enroll now.

This is a highly practical strategy workshop that will teach you how to make your AI vision a reality. We will aid you in developing all the necessary steps required for successful AI execution.

Duration: 1 day


A radical change in strategy, a restructuring of the entire company, or a reorganization after a merger set in motion change processes. Thus, change management has become a necessary core competence nowadays. You will learn how to analyze and prepare for upcoming changes through a highly structured workshop.

Duration: 1 day


This workshop will introduce you to fundamental AI concepts and to services in Microsoft Azure that you can use to create AI solutions. We will help you build an awareness of common AI workloads. We will also teach you how to identify Azure services that will support your business endeavors.

Duration: 1 day


In this workshop, you will learn how to plan and build a proof of concept. You will get the chance to develop and deploy a showcase-ready prototype with state-of-the-art AI tech under the guidance of high-profile AI industry leaders.

Duration: 1 day


This hands-on workshop will teach you how to build a Minimum Viable Product from scratch. Using cutting-edge AI tech, you will plan, build, and reiterate on your own MVP. Under the strong guidance of industry experts, you will deliver real business value in a usable and production-ready product.

Duration: 4 weeks


Learn how to increase the value and utility of unstructured text and image content in search and data science apps in this workshop. The real value of this workshop comes from learning how to create new information from unstructured documents.

Duration: 1 day


In a single day, you will learn how to quickly train and analyze chatbots to reiterate and improve your engagements under expert instructors.

Duration: 1 day


Self-Paced Learning Options

Why Choose Microsoft’s AI Business School?

  • The Microsoft AI Business School will teach you how to make sense of complex systems with the help of AI and machine learning tools.
  • Learn how to maintain and manage various technological systems with a smart AI in place.
  • Artificial Intelligence can help you boost the performance of the systems that you manage, increase their stability and security.
  • Artificial Intelligence can be thought to maintain complex technological systems and control tech environments.
  • AI aids in optimizing internal tech operations to cut costs and increase revenue in turn.
  • A strategically leveraged AI will liberate your schedule by automating mundane tasks.
  • Machine learning will empower your decision-making process to enhance your results.

Experts in the field

Our world-leading academics and thought leaders on digital transformation in business, data science, and AI will inspire you to create a better world – for yourself and others.

We would be happy to make an appointment and advise you individually on our AI Business School. Simply let us know your requirements via our contact form, or give us a call: +386 1 320 78 80