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Cloud technologies are a key element of Digital Transformation. Several organizational challenges like access to new customers and markets, the need for maximum flexibility, cost reduction, etc. are driving the need for cloud-based architectures and consumption models.

Technologies like containers and container orchestration transform companies into digital businesses. Software engineering and developer communities are paving the way for a new era of software-defined disruption using flexible, agile development.

The number of choices for cloud delivery and consumption models requires a solid business case and there is no one standardized approach. Every customer situation is different and needs careful evaluation and planning in order to realize the benefits of cloud computing. Skipping the critical step of building a strategy and business case could be fatal, as cloud affects all dimensions of an organization. Only a solid business design and implementation roadmap can address major aspects like business strategy, organizational transformation or operating models.

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Cloud Consulting and Professional Services


Cloud Strategic Advisory Services

Our services will help you define your Cloud direction, build your implementation roadmap, enable business transformation through a targeted delivery model and determine the best business case for maximum value.


Cloud Deployment and Migration

When it comes to Cloud we are not talking that much about deployment but more about migration services that can be combined with accelerated application development. Customers that have decided to take advantage of Cloud based delivery need to consider all options and possibilities. Various migration challenges need to be analyzed in order to come up with a solid migration strategy.

Our experts can help defining such a migration strategy. In addition, we can provide various resources to help with the migration of data and applications as well as the adaptation and integration of legacy applications.

Cloud Optimization and Development

Cloud solutions require continuous monitoring, analysis and customization to ensure that you don't waste resources and that the resources you invest in will advance your business.

After a cloud migration, we can help you identify additional optimizations and improve your processes that are already running on your cloud platform. We analyze your services and pricing options to ensure that you only pay for what you really need.

Developing and Optimizing Cloud Applications

Companies often use a broad portfolio of applications developed and maintained on different platforms. These existing applications are increasingly being enhanced and adapted to the cloud environment or replaced by new, cloud-native applications.

Our experts can help you design, develop, and continually improve your cloud applications.

Cloud Security and Compliance Services

Many advantages of cloud-based solutions become challenges when it comes to security. Benefits such as openness, decentralization or agility represent a fundamental change in the way services are delivered to users. In a cloud environment, most of the resources are provided externally, resulting in different risk factors for access to data and systems. In order to cover the entire spectrum of security and data protection issues, a comprehensive understanding of all security aspects is required.

We help you assess your cloud-based risks, identify security vulnerabilities and specific security needs, set priorities and ensure the security of your cloud-based solutions.

Cloud Training Services

Cloud Talent Academy

Cloud technologies are a key element of Digital Transformation, but present a number of organizational and operational challenges for organizations.

Against the background of the global skills gap, we offer a comprehensive, multi-tiered Cloud Talent Academy, an enablement program under the umbrella of the Fast Lane Next Generation Talent Academies. Next Generation Cloud Talent Academy graduates have the skills to design, install, configure, manage, and troubleshoot today’s complex cloud, data center & virtualization environments.

This program features various vendor-independent preparation modules until students are ready for Cloud specifics. Once all pre-requisites are met, students may select which vendor to focus on. Every vendor-specific track features an entry-level certification. Once this certification has been achieved, students may continue along one or more learning paths preparing them for various job roles.

Candidates are matched up front with their future employer. This ensures that an organization's investment yields precisely the certified, highly qualified experts they are seeking.

In contrast to standard education / certification programs, our Talent Academy programs include:

  • Recruiting, assessment, admission
  • Modules covering all required pre-requisites
  • Additional study material far beyond the standard course material
  • Ongoing mentoring
  • Assessments, test preparation, quizzes
  • Managed internships

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Cloud Training

Are You Cloud Ready? Cloud platform training and certification are essential in order to take advantage of the power, agility, efficiency, simplicity and cost savings of virtualized cloud infrastructure and services.

We are uniquely positioned to help you gain the cross‐vendor cloud knowledge and skills you desire.

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