Cisco SD-WAN Service Provider Operations (SDWSPO) - Lab Topology


Lab Topology

Lab Outline

  • Login into MSX with different user/roles and explore available menu options.
  • Creating a new Tenant.
  • Creating a new role and user.
  • Managing permissions and settings.
  • Explore existing SD-Branch with SD-Branch Service Pack.
  • Explore existing SD-WAN with SD-WAN Service Pack.
  • Deploy a new device with Managed Device Service Pack (CSR1000V).
  • Working with SD-Branch Templates.
  • Create a new SD-Branch service in NSO.
  • Use TDE to create the SD-Branch Template.
  • Import SD-Branch Template into MSX.
  • Deploy the SD-Branch Template.
  • Verify the template results.
  • Working with Managed Device Templates.
  • Create a new Managed Device XML in NSO.
  • Edit Managed Device XML.
  • Import Managed Device Template into MSX.
  • Deploy Managed Device Template.
  • Verify the template results.