Cisco Wireless and DNAC Proof of Concept (DNACPOC) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Day 1

  • DNA / Catalyst Center prebuilt with basic network settings
  • Examine the DNA / Catalyst Center
  • Create Sites and Buildings
  • Configure Network Settings
    • Manually add Router device to DNA / Catalyst Center
    • Discover Core Switch Network Device
    • Configure PnP for EDGE Switch
    • Add WLC for HA /Provision the 9800
    • Integrate ISE as a AAA server
    • Use the Command Runner
    • Use the Template Editor
    • Create an Application Policy for Wired and Wireless
    • Setup Application Visibility and Control
    • Create Wireless SSIDS
    • Verify AP Connectivity
    • Place AP to the Floor Map
    • Test Wireless Client connectivity
    • ISSU C9800 Software Upgrade
    • Guest Configuration
    • Flex Configuration

Day 2

  • Troubleshooting and Assurance
  • Verify Configuration for Assurance
  • AI Driven Data
  • Wireless Client Health
  • Device Health
  • Rogue Management and aWIPS dashboard
  • Implementing and testing Sensors
  • Demo with dCloud some of the Assurance features
  • Reports

Day 3 The instructor will introduce a series of errors into the lab throughout the day, the objective of the customer is to use the troubleshooting options and Assurance in DNAC to fix the problems;

  • Troubleshooting Cisco Networks using DNA / Catalyst Center - A day of break and Fix
    • Challenge 1 Troubleshooting Client DHCP Issues
    • Challenge 2 Troubleshooting AP Discovery and Join Failures
    • Challenge 3 Troubleshoot a Client with 802.1x Authentication Issues
    • Challenge 4 Troubleshooting Guest Network Issues Internet Connectivity
    • Challenge 5 FlexConnect Local Switched WLAN Authentication Issues
    • Challenge 6 No Connectivity
    • Challenge 7 No connectivity to
    • Discovery 8 Identifying Rouge Aps and Interfering Devices
    • Challenge 9 The Controller is no longer displayed on DNA
    • Challenge 10 Configuring HA and Testing failover
    • Discovery 11 ISSU SMU UPGRADE