Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Part 1 (ECMS1) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Describing the Cloud and the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

  • Single Pane of Glass Management
  • Cisco Meraki Full Stack Capabilities

Describing Cisco Meraki Products and Administration

  • Cisco Meraki MX Security and SD-WAN Appliance
  • Cisco Meraki MS Switches

Describing Cisco Meraki Troubleshooting

  • Cisco Meraki Dashboard Sync and Real-Time Tools
  • Integration of Cisco Meraki Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tools in Existing Systems

Lab outline

Configuring the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

  • Basic initial device setup

Enable Advanced Features and Optimize Networking

  • Enable advanced cisco Meraki dashboard features and optimize network

Troubleshooting the Network using the Cisco Meraki Dashboard

  • Troubleshoot and fine-tune the network and wireless configuration