Implementing Cisco Service Provider Advanced Routing Solutions (SPRI) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

list] [*] Implementing and Verifying Open Shortest Path First Multiarea Networks [*] Implementing and Verifying Intermediate System to Intermediate System Multilevel Networks [*] Introducing Routing Protocol Tools, Route Maps, and Routing Policy Language [*] Implementing Route Redistribution [*] Influencing Border Gateway Protocol Route Selection [*] Scaling BGP in Service Provider Networks [*] Securing BGP in Service Provider Networks [*] Improving BGP Convergence and Implementing Advanced Operations [*] Troubleshooting Routing Protocols [*] Implementing and Verifying MPLS [*] Implementing Cisco MPLS Traffic Engineering [*] Implementing Segment Routing [*] Describing Segment Routing Traffic Engineering (SR TE) [*] Deploying IPv6 Tunneling Mechanisms [*] Implementing IP Multicast Concepts and Technologies [*] Implementing PIM-SM Protocol [*] Implementing PIM-SM Enhancements [*] Implementing Interdomain IP Multicast [*] Implementing Distributed Rendezvous Point Solution in Multicast Network [/list]