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Securing your Customer with DNA (DNAS) - Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Introduction & Welcome

Topic 1 – Why Digitisation is Transforming the IT Market

  • Digital Enterprise Definition
  • The 4 Pillars of Digitisation (IoT, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud)
  • Digital Disruption
    • How Disruptive is this?
    • Enterprise Need to Consume IT Differently
    • Software-Led Discussion
  • What difference will it make to me as a partner?
    • Opportunities for Partners
      • Today and Tomorrow

Topic 2 - What is the Digital Network Architecture?

  • What is DNA?
  • The DNA Design Principles
    • Virtualisation
    • Automation
    • Analytics
    • Cloud Service Management
  • The DNA Business Outcomes
    • Faster Innovation
    • Reduce Cost & Complexity
    • Lower Risk
  • The Solutions Underpinning the Design
    • CMX
    • Enterprise NFV
    • APIC-EM
    • StealthWatch, NetFlow
    • Meraki
    • Pervasive Security (ASA, AMP, FirePower, ISE, TrustSec, etc)
    • Cisco Umbrella (Open DNS)
  • How Different is DNA
  • Exercise – Delegates will now work individually and align and define which elements of the digitisation story and which pillars of DNA will resonate with their customers and how they can use those services to help their customers accelerate their digital strategy.

Topic 3 – Who Will We Sell this to?

  • Target Markets, Target Customers and Target Stakeholders
    • Digital Transformation is Driving IT to the Boardroom
    • Identifying Digital Strategies
      • With IT
      • With LoB
      • With Business Leaders
    • Using DNA to Deliver Business Outcomes
      • With Quantified Business Impact
  • DNA Use Cases
    • New Branch Office
    • Employee Productivity
    • Mobile and Cloud Service Adoption
    • Customer Experience
    • Ransomware
  • Exercise – Delegates will now work in teams to build a business case to present to the CIO and also a business case that the CIO can then present to the Board.

Topic 4 – How will we sell it?

  • What We are Seeing
  • How to sell DNA to Customers
    • Security is Key
    • The DNA Customer Journey
      • Phases of DNA Adoption
    • The Icebreaker program
      • Icebreaker Focal Points (LDoS, Energy Management, etc)
      • How to generate Business with Icebreaker
  • Partner Incentives
    • EasyPay, OIP/TIP, SIP, CTMP, Security Ignite, etc
    • DNA and Cisco ONE
    • Add Security for Free
    • DNA Offers
    • Leading with Security
      • Secure Access
      • Secure WAN
      • Secure Perimeter
  • Dealing with Objections and the Competition
  • Partner Success Stories
  • Exercise: Working in teams, each team will prepare a Customer for each stage of the DNA journey and mapping to final business outcomes and then plan a Customer Lifecycle Engagement strategy that accelerates their customer’s journey towards digital transformation, building on the Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) and Business Outcomes.

Topic 5 – The Solutions Underpinning DNA

  • CMX
    • Video of CMX in Action
  • Enterprise NFV
    • Video of Enterprise NFV in Action
    • Video of EPIC-AM in Action
  • Cisco’s Security Architecture
    • Security is holding back Digitisation
  • How Does DNA ‘Lower Risk’
    • Network as a Sensor
      • StealthWatch
      • Instructor and Delegate Demo of SteathWatch
    • Network as the Enforcer
      • ISE and TrustSec
      • Instructor Demo of ISE
    • Cisco Umbrella (Open DNS)
      • Components and How it Works
      • Instructor and Delegate Demo of Umbrella Branch
    • NGFW
      • Instructor Demo of FMC
  • Exercises: During this module, delegates will work in teams practicing and conducting online demos of the key DNA Security solutions (StealthWatch and Cisco Umbrella) to visually ‘educate the customer’ on the benefits of having a secure DNA.

Topic 5 – Summary

  • Additional Resources
  • Preparing Partners for DNA
    • Through Education, Enablement & Integration
  • Call to Action
  • Summary
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