IBM Cognos Analytics – Author Reports with Multidimensional Data (V11.0) (B6061G) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

1. Introduction to Dimensional Concepts • Identify different data sources and models • Investigate the OLAP dimensional structure • Identify dimensional data items and expressions • Differentiate the IBM Cognos Analytics query language from SQL and MDX • Differentiate relational and dimensional report authoring styles

2. Introduction to Dimensional Data in Reports • Work with members • Identify sets and tuples in IBM Cognos Analytics

3. Dimensional Report Context • Understand the purpose of report context • Understand how data is affected by default and root members

4. Focus Your Dimensional Data • Compare dimensional queries to relational queries • Explain the importance of filtering dimensional queries • Evaluate different filtering techniques • Filter based on dimensions and members • Filter based on measure values • Filter using a slicer

5. Calculations and Dimensional Functions • Use IBM Cognos Analytics dimensional functions to create sets and tuples • Perform arithmetic operations in OLAP queries • Identify coercion errors and rules

6. Functions for Navigating Dimensional Hierarchies • Navigate dimensional data using family functions

7. Relative Functions • Navigate dimensional data using relative functions • Navigate dimensional data using relative time functions

8. Advanced Drilling Techniques and Member Sets • Understand default drill-up and drill-down functionality • Identify cases when you need to override default drilling behavior • Configure advanced drilling behavior to support sophisticated use cases • Define member sets to support advanced drilling • Define member sets to support functions

9. Set Up Drill-Through Reports • Navigate from a specific report to a target report • Drill down to greater detail and then navigate to target report • Navigate between reports created using different data sources

10. End-to-End Workshop • Review concepts covered throughout the course