Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming with Code (ADM231) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Code

  • Overview, including code in the stack, environment requirements, usage scenarios, the development lifecycle, execution methods, and objects and fields
  •  An introduction to object-oriented programming, classes, and objects
  •  Installation and development using the IDE Building Blocks

  •  Classes, variables and methods, and data objects
  •  Data objects and relationships between objects
  • code variables, data types, and expressions
  •  Best practices for formatting, commenting, and naming conventions Code Class Construction

  • Classes and objects, including passing and returning variables, encapsulation, conditions and logic flow control, loops, and exception handling Triggers and Data

  •  Introduction to triggers, including when to use a trigger, order of execution, creation and development considerations, and governors and limitations
  •  An introduction to querying data with SOQL and SOSL
  •  Data Manipulation Language (DML)

Testing, Debugging, and Deployment

  •  Debugging scenarios, methods, and tools
  •  Test classes, unit testing, testing requirements and strategies, and considerations and best practices
  •  IDE testing and an overview of Salesforce CRM UI testing
  •  Deployment checklist and preparation steps
  • IDE deployment