Oracle Database 12c: Manage The Multitenant Architecture (ORMMTA12C)


Course Overview

The single most important new capability introduced with the Oracle 12c release of the database is the multitenant database feature. With this technology, the Oracle database can be a full participant in a cloud computing-based application architecture. Even a traditional on-premise systems architecture can be dynamically and dramatically transformed as a result of this feature. Many traditional and new database features are enhanced or introduced when a multitenant database configuration is used.

Who should attend

  • Database administrators
  • Application designers and developers
  • Web server administrators
  • System administrators
  • Implementation specialists
  • Data center support engineers
  • Chief Information Officers (CIO) and other information technology (IT) management professionals


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Course Objectives

  • Understanding the multitenant database architecture.
  • Review the business challenges, needs and objectives that are addressed with multitenant database technology.
  • Creating and connecting to Oracle container databases (cDBs) and pluggable databases (pDBs).
  • Managing common and local users along with multiple container management of security objects.
  • Creating container databases, provisioning pluggable databases, perform unplug and plug-in and administering multiple database tenants.
  • Migrating traditional single tenant databases to pluggable databases.
  • Managing temporary and permanent storage within container and pluggable databases.
  • Multitenant backup and recovery strategies, including complete and incomplete recovery at either the container or the pluggable database level, Flashback Database and other sophisticated recovery operations.
  • Using SQL, RMAN, DBCA and Enterprise Manager Cloud Control for the administration of multiple database tenants.
  • Resource management and container caging.

Course Content

  • Fundamentals: The Multitenant Database Architecture
  • Fundamentals: Creating & Connecting To Multitenant Databases
  • Fundamentals: Multitenant Database Security Management
  • Provisioning: Provisioning pDBs From pdb$seed
  • Provisioning: Additional pDB Provisioning
  • Administration: Administering Multitenant Databases
  • Administration: Multitenant Storage Management
  • Administration: Multitenant Backup & Recovery
  • Administration: Multitenant Resource Management

Prices & Delivery methods

Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 3 days

  • on request

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