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Cisco CCIE 360 Learning Program

Cisco CCIE 360 program The Cisco CCIE 360 Learning Program offers multiple learning products and services intended to be blended together to provide a customized learning program. Components can be matched to each student’s skill level, learning preference, and resources for maximum flexibility. Components can be purchased in value-priced packages or individually to suit the needs of the student.

Fast Lane is proud to be one of the first and the only global delivery partner of this new program.

Program Benefits:

  • Cisco authorized learning content aligned to CCIE certification expectations
  • Choice of components to fit different learning styles and budgets
  • Flexible, 24/7 remote access
  • Knowledge reinforced by frequent learning assessments
  • Learning suggestions tailored to assessment performance
  • Delivered and supported only by authorized Cisco Learning Partners and qualified
  • Certified Cisco Systems Instructors
  • Online Learning Management System manages and tracks progress

The Cisco CCIE 360 Learning Program develops expert-level skills through a structured combination of online learning tools and materials, resources for hands-on practice, access to qualified subject matter experts, and regular feedback and progress assessments.

  • Assessment: Students take a diagnostic pre-assessment lab to benchmark their knowledge of various networking topics.
  • Planning: Based on the pre-assessment, students create a learning plan that uses a mix of learning components to focus their study.
  • Learning: Students learn by participating in lessons and lectures, reading materials, and working with peers and instructors.
  • Practice: Students use the practice exercises to apply learning on actual network equipment.
  • Mastery: Students measure their understanding by completing assessments of knowledge and skill for various approaches to solving network problems.
  • Review: Students review their work with a mentor or instructor and tune their skills with tips and best practices.

No other program provides the combination of challenging, integrated expert level curriculum, real-life scenarios, and a 360-degree approach to learning. The program is authorized by Cisco and students can be assured that the curriculum is current and aligned with the latest Cisco products, services, and technologies.

To speak with a Fast Lane representative about the CCIE 360 program, or to register for a course you can contact us at info@fastlane.si or call+386 1 320 7880.