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Predictions show that the demand for cyber security specialists will skyrocket in the upcoming years. By 2024, it is projected that there will be more than 10 million new job openings in this industry – it is worrying that there will not be enough skilled professionals to fill this gap while at the same time criminals are not sleeping and constantly developing new ways to bypass many security measures.

It is critical for cyber security specialists to constantly learn and acquire new skills. The Cyber Security Master Annual Program is the perfect and complete learning path as it is designed as a continuous learning program that will keep participants on top of the latest developments in this ever-changing industry. Every month, students will learn a new essential skill to become a cyber security expert equipped with the most up to date skills.

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Based On Microsoft Environments

The program is focused on Windows systems and Microsoft environments. This guarantees that students will acquire knowledge that can be immediately applied in most companies and therefore ensures that graduates of the program will be in high demand.

Learn From Some of the Best Cyber Security Specialists

Join a LIVE, online certification program spread over 12 months

Become a better version of yourself as a professional

This master program has been designed by our partner CQURE for people who are re-starting in the area of cyber security as well as for seasoned IT professionals:

  • Ambitious Beginners in Cyber Security
    If you are a beginner with 1-2 years’ experience in cyber security, challenges define who you are. This training will hone your skills to detect today’s sophisticated cyber-attacks and accelerate your career prospects in the field.

  • Specialists in IT
    If you have 4-5 years’ experience in IT and want to spin off into cyber security, this training will give you all the relevant foundation and specialist skillsets to carve out an exciting new career in cyber security.

  • Cyber Security Specialists
    This program is relevant for specialists with 3-5 years and more. You will polish up your skills, learn the most current tools and techniques relevant for the newest systems, and boost your reputation.

Continuous Learning

The Cyber Security Master Annual Program is a continuous learning program that provides participants with insights regarding a variety of important cyber security skills. The program consists of 12 workshops, delivered by experts of our partner CQURE Academy. Each live workshop is demo-intensive and accompanied by pre-and post-workshop home assignments to solidify the learning experience.

Each workshop focuses on a different area of cyber security. All workshops will be delivered in-person online and take place on the last Wednesday of every month, with the exception of December, when it will take place two weeks earlier (13th Dec) to avoid conflicts with any Christmas-related arrangements our students may have. A Discord Server will also be provided for the students to receive continuous assistance and support from CQURE’s Experts during the program.

Workshops are delivered in CET / CEST time zone. Each workshop will be complemented by pre-work assignment (some reading material that will help the students prepare for the workshop) and an additional home assignment (e.g., self-study exercises, additional reading materials, labs etc.) and a test.

All of the live workshops will be recorded and are accessible for students at any time – in case any of the participants needs to attend some other duties / holidays or simply want to recap. In January 2024, the Final Exam will be performed in the form of a proctored examination – in order to register for this exam, students must have bought access to the whole program.

With the Cyber security Master Annual Program You Will Get:

  • A live, online certification program divided into 12 modules and spread over 12 months.

  • 12 x 8-hour workshops conducted LIVE every month on the last Wednesday of each month (except for December, which will be conducted a week earlier) in EU time zones.

  • The syllabus covers 12 modules to equip you with 12 essential cyber security skills for Windows Systems: Securing Windows Platforms, System Forensics, Pen Testing Web Applications, Hardening Active Directory infrastructure, Implementing Privileged Access Workstations, Implementing Secure Azure Active Directory, Understanding Malware Analysis, Mastering Authentication in .NET, Configuring Application Whitelisting, Empowering the PowerShell, Mastering Monitoring Operations and Threat Intelligence, Securing SQL Server.

  • The workshops are interactive and demo intensive. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions after every workshop.

  • All live workshops will be recorded and accessible for students any time in case you miss a live workshop or want to review what you’ve learned. You will have access to each workshop recording for 12 months after the live training.

  • During the 12-month training, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Discord community server, where you can connect with other learners for networking activities, support for home assignments, motivation, and more.

  • Official CQURE certificate for “Cybersecurity Master Annual Program” after opting in for and passing the final proctored exam in January 2023.

  • With the flexibility to learn these certifiable skills online from qualified trainers, there’s no excuse not to dive in and take your future into your own hands.

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  • What happens if I sign up for the program in May, will I be able to access the previous modules?
    Yes, you can sign up at your preferred time and you will get access to all the materials and course recordings from the previous months.

  • If I sign up just for one module, will I have access to the discord channel?
    Yes, there will be a different discord channel for each of the modules.

  • If I sign up for one module, can I access the next module?
    All of the modules can be purchased separately, if you decide to sign up for one module then you can always buy access to any additional one to boost your knowledge.

  • If I sign up for one module and decide that I would like to take the whole program afterwards, will I be charged the full price?
    You will not be charged for the module that you have already for, only for the difference.

  • Is the exam at the end obligatory?
    The final exam is not mandatory, and you will receive a certificate of completion without it; however, after passing the exam your certification will be higher and you will receive the Cybersecurity Master certificate.

  • Do I need to have any entry knowledge before signing up for the CMAP?
    Basic understanding of IT technologies is something that you should have; however, all the skills come with pre-work materials that will level the participants knowledge before taking part in each module.

  • How does the delivery of each module look like?
    First, you receive pre-work materials on the subject that will help you with understanding the live workshop that comes afterwards. The live workshop will be delivered using the Zoom platform and it will last 8 hours, including breaks. After the workshop concludes, you will receive post-work materials/ assignments along with a test. You will also be granted access to a dedicated Discord channel.

  • Can I buy the whole CMAP program and share the modules among my colleagues?
    The CMAP program can only be accessed per person, and the access to the individual module cannot be shared or distributed across other people.

  • Will there be a new CMAP 2024 program next year?
    The program’s agenda will be similar to CMAP 2023 – however all the sessions will run live again, and any technology upgrades will be included.

What Makes This Program Different?


LIVE classes – 12 modules consisting of 8 hours of interactive and demo-intensive workshops


You can enroll in separate modules or in the full program. The decision is yours.

Home-work assignments

You’ll get the author’s unique pre-work and post-work assignments for self-study.

12-Month Access

You’ll get a full year of online access to the live sessions recording.

Updated Knowledge

All modules are packed with the newest cyber security findings, insights, and tools.

Interactive classroom

You will be able to ask questions and engage with the teacher during and after the workshop.

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