Hack Academy

Boosting inspiration, innovation, creativity, and productivity

Over the last year, we have seen a significant shift in the way in which people wish to learn and consume their knowledge. Moving away from the traditional classroom deliveries, we have witnessed a substantial uptake in
demand for a more immersive, hands-on,
dynamic learning.

Hack Academy Programs

Fast Lane’s skilled Coaches can deliver events in a variety of Hack Academy programs and tracks, described in detail below and in linked PDFs.

Do you have any further questions about our Hack Academy program offerings? Simply let us know your requirements using our contact form or call us at +386 1 320 78 80 and we will be happy to advise you!

Open Hacks

Teamwork makes the dream work. Our Microsoft OpenHack is a developer-focused engagement where a wide variety of participants learn through hands-on experimentation using challenges based on real-world customer scenarios designed to mimic the developer journey.

Hack the Cert™

Accelerate your certification journey with Fast Lane. Fast Lane "Hacks" allow delegates to work in teams to tackle real business problems that have been crafted to reinforce exam objectives as well as demonstrate real business outcomes. Delivering genuine skills and knowledge they can take straight into the workplace.

NetApp & Google Hackathons

Leverage the Power of NetApp Cloud Solutions. By completing a series of challenges that mirror real-world scenarios, our hackathons enable participants to migrate Microsoft workloads to Google Cloud Platform through the use of NetApp Cloud Solutions.

Cloud Ready Hackathons

Cloud Native Development and Operations Best Practice. Cloud Ready Hackathons build on the concept of learning-by-doing in a highly interactive environment. Solving the real world problem without being told directly what to do will enable attendees to apply acquired skills immediately on their job.