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Promotion: Attend Citrix Networking training, earn stacked certifications (CCA-N → CCP-N → CCE-N)

Limited Time Citrix Networking Certification Opportunity!

For a limited time, customers with a current Citrix Certified Professional-Networking certification (CCP-N) will have the option of attending the recently-updated Citrix ADC 12.x Advanced Concepts - Security, Management & Optimization (CNS-320) instructor-led training to obtain the Citrix Certified Associate-Networking (CCA-N) and re-certify their CCP-N. In addition, customers with a current CCP-N also have the option to attend the brand-new Citrix Networking Assessment, Design and Advanced Configuration (CNS-420) instructor-led training to receive their full stack of Networking certifications (CCA-N, CCP-N AND CCE-N) without having to take an exam. Customers will need to attend either the CNS-320 or the CNS-420 by December 31, 2018 in order to be eligible.

Please note that after 2018, anyone with a CCP-N who does not have the CCA-N will need to obtain their CCA-N separately by passing an exam. For this reason, we recommend any CCP-N holders who do not currently have a CCA-N take advantage of this offer.


Who is this promotion relevant for?

These options do not apply to expired CCP-N certifications. If you choose to not re-certify your CCP-N prior to the end of this year, your CCP-N will remain valid until its expiration. However, you will need to begin your certification journey at the CCA-N starting after expiration in 2019

When do I have to sit the course by?

December 31, 2018.

Does the regular certification program apply with this promotion?

Yes! If you are a current CCA-N or CCP-N holder and you wish to renew these certifications, you may sit the corresponding Citrix training courses to renew the CCA-N or CCP-N. More info: Citrix Certifications Main Page

What does "networking certification stacking" mean? As you may be aware, as of 2018, Networking exams are now stacked to reflect the comprehensive Networking curriculum. The Networking certification path table below displays the Networking certification stacking requirements. This means that just like the Virtualization track, in order to attain the CCE-N, the CCP-N is required, and the CCA-N in order to attain the CCP-N.

[b]Updated Networking Certification Stacking[/b]


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