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Includes the path to BRAND-NEW Hybrid Cloud Certification

Course List Expanded: Take NetApp training and receive a free exam (up to $300 value)!

It has never been easier or cheaper to become NetApp certified on the newest and hottest NetApp solutions; now is the time!

In cooperation with NetApp, Fast Lane is offering 100% discounted exam vouchers at Pearson VUE (a $150 to $300 value) with 5 of our most popular and hottest courses.

These vouchers are intended for learners who successfully completed these courses during the active program dates, and can be used to take any NetApp certification exam through Pearson VUE.

To take advantage of the “Exam Voucher with Course Promotion” choose from these courses:

Exam Voucher with Course Promotion - FAQ

What will I receive?

Fast Lane will submit students' information after the first day of class to ensure that cancelations and no shows do not receive the exam voucher information. Students receive an email with a unique license code that is entitled them to redeem the actual exam voucher. The initial email does not include the voucher itself. Only the student can redeem the voucher, this cannot be done through a third party.

What courses qualify for the exam voucher?

Currently, the promotion is available with five courses:

1) ONTAP Cluster Administration

2) ONTAP Data Protection Administration

3) Designing the FlexPod Solution

4) Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution

5) Integrating Hybrid Clouds with NetApp Data Fabric

NetApp may add or remove courses to this program at our own discretion.

Are the exam vouchers available only with the eBook?

Those who order the eBook or the printed book are eligible to receive the exam voucher information.

Are the exam vouchers only good for the exam associated with the courses? While we encourage the student to take the exam associated with the course, vouchers can be used for any available NetApp exam.

Is there a minimum purchase to qualify for the exam voucher?

No, there is no minimum purchase to qualify. Vouchers will come with courses no matter the size of the purchase.

How long is the validity of the license code and the exam voucher?

The license code that is sent to the student is valid for six months from the date of receipt. Additionally, the exam voucher is valid for 6 months from receipt. Therefore, it is possible for a candidate to have 12 months to take the exam by waiting six months to redeem the license code and another six months to redeem the exam voucher.

Once sent, can the license code be changed and resent to another student?

As long as the license code has not yet been redeemed, the license code can be sent to a different student. Please contact Fast Lane for assistance with this.

Can an exam voucher be reassign to another student?

No, exam vouchers are non-transferrable and cannot be given to or sold to another individual.

Can a license code or exam vouchers be extended?

No, neither the license code nor the exam voucher can be extended. Each item has a 6 month expiration date.

When will this program expire?

Fast Lane and NetApp can discontinue this program at any time. Fast Lane will communicate any program changes.

Can the vouchers be sold to others?

No. Neither the student nor the ALP can resell the vouchers earned from this program. Violations of this can lead to disciplinary actions include invalidation of the exam/certification, banning from the NetApp Certification Program, or invalidation as an ALP.

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