Fast Lane ICS Security Professional


Industrial Control Systems are the core for each company in the production and manufacturing business. This infrastructure usually runs on protocols and systems which are dated because of their complexity and the fact that replacing them is a complex and costly procedure. Therefore, network administrators, and IT engineers working in such an environment are facing different attack scenarios defenders would face in a normal Enterprise Network.

Critical Infrastructure such as electricity, water, gas etc. also represents a valuable target for attackers. Again, these systems are very complex and a successful attack affecting these systems would have a major impact on everyone.

The Fast Lane ICS Security Professional Track career path provides you with the knowledge to understand, detect and protect these complex networks and infrastructures.

The first class in this track helps students to get started and learn the important aspects of network defense but also to perform risk assessments and develop a corporate security strategy.

The second class introduces students to the world of ICS and SCADA. In addition, they will learn how to effectively builds tools and procedures to defend these very fragile environments.

The third course – the master class - is designed to help students fully understand the design principles of control systems and how to support those systems in a manner that ensures availability and integrity. In parallel, the course addresses the need for control system engineers and operators to better understand the important role they play in cybersecurity.

The master class also prepares students for the GICSP certification exam. This exam is facilitated through GIAC and students have to apply to receive an exam voucher to take the test remotely proctored from home.

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  • Understanding of TCP/IP
  • Knowledge in Wireshark
  • Knowledge in common Wireless Protocols

Product Description

The package includes attending all courses mentioned below and 12 hours individual coaching from one of our top experts to help students pass all three certification exams.

The package does not include exam vouchers or fees as there are many options to take the exams and students need to individually apply with GIAC to receive an exam voucher. Of course, we will help with this process.


Price (excl. tax)
  • 9,150.— €