Data Protection
& Analytics

Today, our daily life and routine heavily utilizes digital systems, and they depend on data. This includes very personal and sensitive data, raising the importance of protecting this data from corruption, theft, or loss. Thus, various authorities on a global or national level came up with regulations regarding data protection.

Such standards help to implement policies making sure not to lose or compromise data, on the other hand complying to such standards prevents companies from legal or financial penalties as well as damage to their reputation.

So, what exactly is data protection? It’s the process of protecting the availability, privacy, and integrity of data and every organization that handles sensitive data like customer data must implement a data protection strategy. This means that more or less every organization needs to do this as all organizations store and / or work with customer data. Such a strategy helps to prevent the corruption or loss of data and helps to mitigate against the damage in case of a security breach.

Typical job roles are:

  • Data Protection Officer
  • Head of Information Governance and Data Protection
  • Chief Information Systems Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Information Security Compliance Manager

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