Microsoft’s AI Business School Will Put Your AI Into Action

Best time to scale your business with AI was yesterday. The second best time is now.

Explore how artificial intelligence supports business leaders today

Learn how to implement data-driven decision-making and planning.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is more than just a new technological trend. The modern AI technology supports business process automation, analyzing data and converting it into actionable insights, and engaging with clients, customers, and employees. They learn and improve, and in turn, you grow and bloom. AI is the ability of a machine to make sense of the world around them, to learn and make decisions, modeled and fashioned after our own human mind. It does not tire nor does it stop evolving.

An AI transforms a business completely, empowering business processes like no other tech. You can leverage the power of machine learning to reform cost functions and enable entirely new businesses. We have partnered with Microsoft to create a comprehensive AI Business School to help you grasp the intricacies of AI and in turn create real, tangible value for your business.

To understand the impact of machine learning and AI, take a look at the haste at which businesses across the world are adopting this new technology. By the end of 2020 over 90% of all corporations have used machine learning and AI. Spurred by the current crisis, the use of AI has significantly expanded even to smaller companies in 2021. By 2030, we expect AI to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy.


of survey respondents in emerging economies report AI adoption, up from 45 percent in 2020


of enterprises will transition from piloting to operationalizing AI by the end of 2024, driving over 5 times increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures


of AI-at-scale leaders claim that the pace of progress on their AI initiatives has remained steady throughout the global pandemic crisis

What is AI Business School?

Microsoft has launched an AI Business School to help you build a strong understanding of current AI technologies.

In AI Business School lecturers provide learners with the essential fundamentals on how to use Big Data, leverage Artificial Intelligence, and employ Machine Learning to support your business. We cover topics such as AI ethics and the risks of using AI, how to design governance frameworks to apply AI fairly and we also examine people management employed through Machine Learning with regards to HR functions.

Microsoft’s AI Business School covers the most effective marketing strategies using AI-powered data analytics. We will show you how to prolong your customers’ journey and lifecycle using machine learning to personalize and enhance your business processes. AI industry leaders will provide you with insights into how we revolutionize and reform businesses using AI and Big Data.

The AI Business School is broken down into four digestible modules, with each one focusing on a different area:

The school offers detailed case studies from a multitude of industry sectors to provide guidance on how to create effective organizational strategies using the capabilities of AI.

The AI school offers a maturity model assessment and a framework for change management to aid decision-makers on how to evaluate and further develop their approaches. To promote a data-driven culture and collaborative organizations, we provide a breakdown of organizational and departmental silos for the adoption of AI.

The school aims to create awareness among executives, placing an emphasis on privacy, security, and compliance, handling bias, governance, and promoting a responsible approach to building and using AI.

We offer a first-class overview of state-of-the-art technologies such as deep learning, machine learning, cognitive services, conversational chatbots, and other brand-new AI features.

Fast Lane Offers

As the official and authorized Microsoft partner, Fast Lane has made it our goal to bring the AI Business School to the next level.

We have invested significant resources to develop courses to cover a vast array of learning experiences. For this reason, we have developed a role-based approach to the curriculum addressing all relevant stakeholders.

Executives & Senior Leaders

Functional Managers

Ethics & Legal Stakeholders

Technology Managers

Discover the tangible business value of using AI

Leverage the power of AI to decrease costs and increase revenue

Navigate the challenging world of responsible AI and become an ethical user

Operate a powerful AI and machine learning to empower your organization

Use AI technologies for business planning and decision-making. Stay up-to-date with current technological trends. Understand the real value of AI for your business.

Improve performance within your functional area through meaningful and educational dialogue with top tech leaders and learn how to use AI to help you.

Learn how to protect privacy, security and how to govern an AI responsibly. Avoid the ethical dilemma surrounding AIs by learning how to properly put effective and ethical measures in place.

Propose innovative projects to senior management by utilizing AI to create products, train teams, hire people. Understand the business implications of using AI.

Why you should choose Microsoft’s AI business school?

Benefits for executives

  • AI can help you enhance the functions, features, and performance of both your product and your business.
  • It can aid you in optimizing internal business operations to cut costs and increase revenue.
  • A strategically leveraged AI will free your employees by automating mundane tasks to allow your employees to tap more into their creative side.
  • Machine learning will empower your decision-making process to enhance your results.
  • Did you know that AI can even create new products today?
  • You will learn how to optimize external processes like logistics, sales, and marketing.
  • AI can help you pursue new markets and win you a fair share of the current market.

Benefits for organizations

  • Gain long-term competitive advantage by building and scaling AI capabilities across your entire organization.
  • Predict and mitigate strategic and operational risks and challenges to avoid the most common pitfalls of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Transform your organization and shift to a more efficient, flexible, and innovative business model.
  • Deliver actual value to your organization by making use of the state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning tech.
  • Improve the speed at which your organization operates by delegating repetitive tasks to an error-averse machine.
  • Elevate your user experience and improve your customer service with smart AI Chatbots to create a satisfied and loyal userbase.
  • Add AI technologies to your business processes to reduce inevitable human error when working with big data.

Experts in the field

Our world-leading academics and thought leaders on digital transformation in business, data science, and AI will inspire you to create a better world – for yourself and others.

We would be happy to make an appointment and advise you individually on our AI Business School. Simply let us know your requirements via our contact form, or give us a call: +386 1 320 78 80