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AWS Advanced Training Partner LogoIn partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Fast Lane is proud to offer approved AWS partners (APN) discounted rates on selected AWS training sessions.

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AWS System Architecture Training

Architecting on AWS (AWSA): 300 EUR

Foundational AWS training where you will learn to identify services and features to build resilient, secure and highly available IT solutions on the AWS Cloud.

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Advanced Architecting on AWS (AWSAA): 400 EUR

Building on concepts introduced in Architecting on AWS, Advanced Architecting on AWS is intended for individuals who are experienced with designing scalable and elastic applications on the AWS platform.

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Architecting on AWS Accelerator (ARCH-AX): 500 EUR

This course combines Architecting on AWS and Advanced Architecting on AWS to offer a comprehensive, immersive course in cloud architecture. It covers all aspects of how to architect for the cloud over 4.5 days.


Exam Readiness Intensive Workshop: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (ACSAA-EXIW): 400 EUR

This five-day, instructor-led course helps busy architects get away from the day-to-day to get focused and ready for their AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate exam. The first 3 days focus on the Architecting on AWS course, followed by exam readiness training including practice exams.


AWS Development Training

Developing on AWS (AWSD): 300 EUR

Helps developers understand how to use the AWS SDK to develop secure and scalable cloud applications. The course provides in-depth knowledge about how to interact with AWS using code and covers key concepts, best practices, and troubleshooting tips.

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Advanced Developing on AWS (ADV-DEV): 300 EUR

Three-day advanced-level course which uses the real-world scenario of taking a legacy, on-premises monolithic application and refactoring it into a serverless microservices architecture.

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DevOps Engineering on AWS (AWSDEVOPS): 400 EUR

DevOps Engineering on AWS teaches you how to use the combination of tools, practices, and cultural philosophy of DevOps to improve an organization’s ability to develop, deliver, and maintain applications and services at high velocity on AWS.

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MLOps Engineering on AWS (MLOE): 400 EUR

This course builds upon and extends the DevOps practice prevalent in software development to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) models.

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Running Containers on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (RCAEKS): 400 EUR

Amazon EKS makes it easy for you to run Kubernetes on AWS without needing to install, operate, and maintain your own Kubernetes control plane. In this course, you will learn container management and orchestration for Kubernetes using Amazon EKS.

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AWS Operations Training

Systems Operations on AWS (AWSSYS): 300 EUR

This course will teach you how to build processes by understanding key elements of application deployment, performance, and operations of AWS cloud resources.

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AWS Specialization Training

Big Data on AWS (BDAWS): 400 EUR

Big Data on AWS introduces you to cloud-based big data solutions such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), Amazon Redshift, Amazon Kinesis and the rest of the AWS big data platform.


Data Warehousing on AWS (DWAWS): 400 EUR

Learn concepts, strategies, and best practices for designing a cloud-based data warehousing solution using Amazon Redshift, the petabyte-scale data warehouse in AWS.

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Planning and Designing Databases on AWS (PD-DB): 400 EUR

Learn about the process of planning and designing both relational and nonrelational AWS databases. It will teach you how to use workload requirements to define database design considerations and also explore the features and capabilities of the eight AWS database services.

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Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS (ML-PIPE): 500 EUR

Use the machine learning (ML) pipeline (build, train, evaluate tune and deploy a ML model using Amazon SageMaker) to to solve a real business problem in a project-based learning environment.

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Security Engineering on AWS (AWSSO): 400 EUR

Learn how to efficiently use AWS security services to stay secure in the AWS Cloud. The course focuses on the security practices that AWS recommends for enhancing the security of your data and systems in the cloud.

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