Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Looker (AVDL) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1 - Introduction to Looker

Topics - Looker interface and components

  • Define Looker and the capabilities it provides for working with data
  • Navigate the Looker interface to access data and functionality
  • 1 demo

Module 2 - Core Analytics Concepts

Topics - Dimensions, measures, filters, pivots

  • Explain the four core analytical concepts in Looker (dimensions, measures,filters, pivots)
  • Use dimensions to access data attributes
  • Use measures to aggregate data attributes
  • Combine dimensions and measures for richer data analysis and visualization
  • Filter dimensions and measures to analyze a subset of the data
  • Use pivots to restructure and group data
  • 4 demos, 1 quiz, 1 lab

Module 3 - Table calculations

Topics - Table calculations, offset functions

  • Explain how table calculations and offset functions are used to work with data in Looker
  • List the types of table calculations and offset functions available in Looker
  • Create new metrics instantaneously with table calculations and offset functions
  • 4 demos, 1 quiz, 1 lab

Module 4 - Dashboards

Topics - Looker dashboards, data delivery options

  • Understand how to use dashboards in Looker to share data and results with stakeholders
  • Create dashboards to visualize multiple aspects of a business topic or domain
  • Add new content to an existing dashboard
  • Add filters to a dashboard for flexible analysis of a subset of the data
  • Deliver data outside of Looker for access by other stakeholders or systems
  • 1 demo

Module 5 - Content Management

Topics - Looker content organization, folders, boards

  • Explain how to use folders in Looker to organize content for navigability and discoverability
  • Create and share boards to centralize content pertaining to one topic or theme
  • 1 demo