Cloud Automation Using Contrail (CAC) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline


Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Describe SDN and Contrail Basics

  • Describe the main principles of software-defined networks
  • List the features and advantages of Contrail
  • List Contrail family of products

Module 3: Describe Contrail Use Cases and Use Contrail

  • Describe Contrail Use Case
  • Demonstrate the Basic Functions of Contrail Command

LAB 1: Contrail Command Walk-Through

Module 4: Describe Orchestration Fundamentals Command

  • Describe the purpose of an orchestrator
  • Describe the basics of Kubernetes
  • Describe the basics of VMware vCenter

Module 5: Describe OpenStack Basics

  • Identify the function of the primary OpenStack Projects

LAB 2: Instantiating Virtual Workloads


Module 6: Describe Contrail Architecture Fundamentals

  • Describe the functions of the Contrail vRouter
  • Describe the functions of the Contrail SDN Controller
  • Describe containerized Contrail modules

Module 7: Describe Contrail Communication Fundamentals

  • Describe Contrail Control Plane Communications
  • Describe Contrail Data Plane Communications

Module 8: Describe Basic Contrail Troubleshooting

  • Perform Basic Contrail Troubleshooting

LAB 3: Exploring and Troubleshooting the Contrail vRouter and SDN Controller

Module 9: Describe Contrail Configuration Basics

  • Explain Contrail Configuration Methods
  • Describe Configuring the Metadata Service
  • Describe Contrail Configuration API

Module 10: Configure Tenant Communications

  • Configure DNS and IPAM
  • Implement Virtual Networks
  • Implement Network Policies and Security Groups

LAB 4: Configuring Virtual Networks and Policies

Module 11: Describe an IP Fabric and Implement Greenfield Automation

  • Describe an IP Fabric
  • Describe a Greenfield Fabric Automated Creation

LAB 5: Greenfield Automation

Module 12: Implement IP Brownfield Automation and Fabric Modification

  • Describe a Brownfield Fabric Automated Creation
  • Describe How to Modify Existing Fabrics
  • Describe Troubleshooting a Fabric Automation

LAB 6: Modify a Greenfield Automation

DAY 3 Module 13: Describe VXLAN

  • Describe VXLANs
  • Describe EVPN Signaling for BMS to BMS VXLAN Forwarding

Module 14: Describe VM to BMS Bridging

  • Describe Contrail VM to BMS Bridging
  • Implement a Server/Instance Example
  • Implement Virtual Port Groups

LAB 7: VM to BMS Bridging

Module 15: Implement VXLAN Central Routing

  • Describe EVPN Signaling for Central Routing
  • Configure a Central Routing Example

LAB 8: VXLAN Central Routing

Module 16: Implement VXLAN Edge Routing

  • Describe EVPN Signaling for Edge Routing
  • Configure an Edge Routing Example

LAB 9: VXLAN Edge Routing

Module 17: Implement a Data Center Interconnect

  • Describe Data Center Interconnect
  • Describe DCI Options for a VXLAN Overlay Using Contrail Automation
  • Configure a DCI Example Using Contrail Automation

LAB 10: Data Center Interconnect


Module 18: Describe Interacting With External Networks

  • Describe a DC Gateway Use Case
  • Implementing a DC Gateway
  • Describe Connecting to a Third-Party Device Use Case
  • Configure Connecting to a Third-Party Device

Lab 11: DC Gateway

Module 19: Implement Fabric Administration

  • Use Contrail Command Fabric Administration Functions
  • Path Finder
  • Telemetry Profile
  • Onboard Devices
  • View Fabric Configurations
  • Custom Actions

Lab 12: Fabric Administration

Module 20: Implement Fabric Maintenance

  • Use Contrail Command Fabric Maintenance Functions
  • Remove Fabric device
  • Return Material Authorization
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Hitless Fabric Upgrade

Lab 13: Maintenance Mode and Fabric Device Upgrade

Module 21: Describe Contrail Security

  • Describe the Need for Contrail Security
  • Configure Contrail Security

Lab 14: Contrail Security


Module 22: Describe Contrail Insights

  • Describe Contrail Insights
  • Use Contrail Insights
  • Describe Contrail Insights API

Module 23: Implement Contrail Insights Alarms

  • Implement Alarms
  • Implement Composite Alarms

LAB 15: Implementing insights Features

Module 24: Describe Junos Telemetry Interface

  • Describe JTI
  • Describe Native Sensors for JTI
  • Describe OpenConfig and gRPC Sensors for JTI

LAB 16: Implementing JTI with Insights