Gigamon Designing and Implementing Inline SSL/TLS Solutions (SSL SOLUTIONS)


Who should attend

    The primary target audiences for the course are:
  • Security Ops teams that need to understand how Gigamon SSL solutions function in relation to deploying solution utilizing these features.
  • Network Ops teams that are familiar with Gigamon, but will be implementing a SSL solution. These include roles like architects, admins, operatators.


      As a follow on course to Gigamon Foundations course, learners expected to understand these 2 key KSAs:
    • Basic Flowmapping
    • Fabric Manager Navigation

      Course Objectives

      • Understand how Gigamon is an essential part of your SSL solution
      • Learn how Gigamon manages traffic flows where decription of traffic is essential
      • Design and Implement a passive SSL solution
      • Design and Implement a inline SSL solution
      • Learn best practices and common challenges

        Course Content

        The Gigamon Security Delivery Platform is the essential element in your organization’s infrastructure strategy. This 1-day course focuses on building passive and inline SSL solutions. Training is conducted through comprehensive discussions, real-world use cases, and practical hands-on labs. If you are planning on implementing SSL solution as part of your Gigamon deployment, this is a great additional day of training to help you achieve success.

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        Online Training
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        Duration 1 day

        Classroom Training
        Modality: C

        Duration 1 day




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