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Today, every company is an attractive target for attackers, including yours. Confidential employee data, development or research results, financial data or critical infrastructure such as electricity and water or simply money through blackmail, every company has assets that are worth sabotaging or stealing.

The task of Red Team members and Penetration Testers is to develop and execute realistic attack scenarios and methods against a company and its IT systems. The Red Team usually consists of company employees, while Penetration Testers are traditionally hired externally. The aim is not only to document a successful attack in detail, but also to make recommendations as part of the final report, which should help both the decision-makers and the operational teams to improve the security of all corporate systems.

Black, Grey und Whitebox Tests

Such assessments can be performed either with the internal IT and / or the Blue Team being informed or without. Also, it usually is agreed with the (internal) customer how much information is made available to the Penetration Testers.

We are talking about black, gray, and white box tests. In a black box test, the attacking team receives almost no information about the environment to be attacked, while in gray box tests partial information and in white box tests full information about the environment to be attacked is provided by the customer.

Social Engineering

In addition to attacks on technical infrastructure, the Red Team can also make a significant contribution to security awareness with attack scenarios in the area of social engineering such as phishing or vishing, because these results can be used for further training all individuals of an organization.

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