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ITILĀ® Planning, Protection and Optimization (ITILPPO)


Course Overview

The ITIL® Intermediate Certificate in Planning, Protection and Optimisation forms part of the Capability series of Intermediate certification modules, which can be taken as stand-alone qualifications or with a view to amassing sufficient credits to gain the ITIL® Service Management Expert qualification. It will be of interest to candidates who wish to gain a deep level of understanding of the Planning, Protection and Optimisation processes and roles across the Service Lifecycle. This course will enable delegates with a Foundation-level knowledge of IT Service Management to apply good practice across the Service Management lifecycle in processes pertaining to the capability of Planning, Protection and Optimisation.

The course is interactive, combining presentation sessions and group exercises, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. On completion of the course and the required personal study, delegates will be able to sit the ITIL® Intermediate examination in Planning, Protection and Optimisation worth 4 credits.

Who should attend

This course is aimed at individuals who have attained the V3 ITIL® Foundation certificate in Service Management and who wish to advance to higher level ITIL® certifications. It will benefit delegates who require a deep understanding of ITIL® Planning, Protection and Optimisation processes and how they may be used to enhance the quality of IT service support within an organisation.

Individuals who may find this course of interest include IT professionals that are working within an organisation that has adopted and adapted ITIL® and who need to be informed about and thereafter contribute to an ongoing service improvement programme, as well as operational staff involved in Capacity Management, Availability Management, ITSCM, Information Security Management, Demand Management and Risk Management, and who wish to enhance their role-based capabilities.


There is a pre-requisite for taking certification exam to attend accredited training and to have ITIL® Foundation certificate. However you can attend on course only without taking exam nevertheless.

Course Objectives

This course will enable participants to:

  • Understand the importance of Service Management as a Practice
  • Appreciate how all processes in Planning, Protection and Optimisation interact with other Service Lifecycle Processes
  • Identify the processes, activities, methods and functions used in each of the Planning, Protection and Optimisation processes
  • Understand how to use the Planning, Protection and Optimisation processes, activities and functions to achieve operational excellence
  • Understand the importance of IT Security and its contributions to Planning, Protection and Optimisation
  • Understand the technology and implementation considerations surrounding Planning, Protection and Optimisation and the associated Challenges and Risks
Classroom Training
Modality: G

Duration 4 days

Currently there are no training dates scheduled for this course.